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Below is a general list of services we provide. If you have a project in mind not listed here, give me a call and I will determine if it’s something we can confidently take on.

Once again, thank you for considering my business.

Image by jesse orrico

“Helping Handyman” Hours: You’re the foreman and this is your jobsite- we’ll bring the tools if necessary, and charge an hourly rate to be under your direction for that time. This will allow us to tackle multiple small to medium sized tasks within the timeframe. This rate that covers everything tends to be around $35/hr, depending on location, how many hours are scheduled, and what tools/materials are needed (The price here does not reflect any discount you may receive).

  • This is a very practical solution for people who may have difficulties getting around, bending over, or getting into high places. Some examples of what we might do in this time could be: general maintenance, moving boxes, spot cleaning of appliances or general areas, changing smoke detector batteries/light bulbs, trimming bushes, shoveling snow, etc.)

  • This may also be a practical solution to those who need a second pair of hands on a project. This can be a huge help when you want to do something yourself but need extra manpower. Examples might be tearing out landscaping, opening or closing a pool, or small to medium sized construction projects.


Flat Rate Projects & Other Services:


  • General Maintenance

  • Power Washing (House siding, patios, driveways, fencing, etc.)


  • Outdoor Pond Design and Installation

  • Painting

  • Mudding

  • Cherrywood Live Edge Shelving (Locally sourced, custom made, and installed)


  • Native Flower Gardens (Supports local pollinators)


  • Appliance Repair


  • Car Detailing


  • Complete and total “Spring Cleaning” of outside areas​

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